Coway AIS Water Purifier

Clean and delicious water and ice cubes
carefully filtered by Coway AIS water purifier
Clean water, transparent & bundant ice cubes.
From UV care to hygiene management by experts.
Experience Coway AIS water purifier with ice maker.
Clean water and crystal clear ice cubes
  • Perfection of clean water purified by RO filter
    that is certified by WQA
    WQA - Water Quality Association
  • Transparent ice cubes made by patented Crystal Ice Making System™ Solid and transparent ice cubes without air bubbles
  • A plenty of cold water and ice cubes with Dual Cooling system that makes ice cubes and cold water separately Ice cubes up to 5.6 kg per day,
    Cold water up to 12 glasses
  • IoCare conveniently and smartly monitors the water purifier
AIS Water Purifier with j-hope
Strict Hygiene Maintenance
  • Reliable material, ALL stainless steel pipes used in ice making unit.

  • Hygiene management with UV care for 2 hours 3 times a day.

  • The experts provides regular maintenance service using with a sterilization kit.

Design that fits your kitchen and life style
  • AIS Water Purifier
  • AIS Water Purifier
  • AIS Water Purifier
  • AIS Water Purifier
  • AIS Water Purifier