Coway x BTS
Coway x BTS Bromide Giveaway Event for customers who purchase Coway products

Coway gives you Coway x BTS bromides out with gratitude when you purchase Coway products since the day Coway and BTS have worked together (※Application required).
  • 3 types of bromides
    will be presented depending
    on the product group
  • icon Water Purifier with BTS
    Customers who purchase water purifiers
  • NOBLE Air Purifier with BTS
    Customers who purchase air purifiers
  • Sleep Care Mattress with BTS
    Customers who purchase
    sleep care mattresses
  • Target Customer
    Applicants only among the customers who purchase Coway water purifiers, air purifiers, and mattresses since March 12th. Individual and self-employed business customers (excluding corporate businesses).
    *March 12
    as of the release date of the press release that announced BTS as a new brand Ambassador of Coway.
    *Models not included
    the stand type among water purifier products, Air Bottle the portable air purifier among air purifier products, frame/foundation among mattress products.
  • Free Gift
    Provide 2 Types of Coway x BTS Bromide
    Water purifier/Air purifier/Mattress
    1 group cut + 1 large individual cut
  • How to
    Send application URL notification Kakao Talk/text message to a purchasing customer's mobile phone. After application is completed, individual parcel delivery will be started.
  • The application URL will be sent to a user's mobile number. Please check your notificationtext message or notification Kakao Talk.
  • Application for a bromide is not possible on this brand site.
  • No give-away exchange or return is allowed. When stocks are exhausted due to a limited quantity, this event may be terminated without further notice.
  • In case you return the product within 14 days after installing it, you must return the bromide you have received.
  • This Bromide Giveaway Event is targeting South Koreans only residing in South Korea.The specific country and quantity of global distribution will be updated after confirmation.