Coway Noble Air Purifier

Coway Noble Air Purifier that goes beyond innovation for clean air and towards innovation for interior upgrade The Coway Noble air purifier that removes up to 99.99% of viruses in the air with the Anti-bacterial air clean filter system
Experience Coway Noble air purifier that delivers clean and fresh air 360° around you.
coway noble
The three innovations of the Noble Air purifier
  • The innovation for filter system The Anti-bacterial air clean filter system
    strongly purifying germ
    and viruses in the air
    with Double Air-matching Filter.
  • The innovation for clean air 4D powerful air purifying system with 360-degree that changes airflow as you need.
  • The innovation for interior upgrade Premium Design Inspired by architectonic essence.
Double Air-matching Filter selectable with your circumstance
  • Removal of Nitrogen dioxide 99.5%

    Fume & Smoke Filter

  • Removal of pet's hair and hydrogen sulfide 96%

    Pet specialized Filter

  • Removal of daily harmful gases such as toluene 99.5%

    Plus Deodorization Filter

  • Removal of fine dust

    Fine dust particle Filter

  • Reduction of cat and dog allergies 99%

    Allergen Filter

  • Removal of Formaldehyde 98%

    Formaldehyde Filter

4 Colors Inspired by Nature
  • Porcelain White
  • Sand Beige
  • Imperial Brown
  • Pebble Gray
Experience Coway air purifier with self-filter maintenance system!
  • Award-winning design by the world's recognitional
    global design award
    디자인 어워드 수상 목록
    pin up design awards
    good design award 2020
    finalist 2020
    design award 2020
  • Dove White
  • Peony Pink
  • Olive Green
  • Port Navy